Amaroo Paringa

Client: Select Harvests
Date: 2017

Select Harvests is one of Australia’s largest almond growers in Australia and has geographically diverse almond orchards located in South Australia, Victoria and New South Wales. Select Harvests awarded Exact Contracting the 1000mm rising mainline project at their Paringa Orchard located in South Australia’s Riverland region.

The Project involved connecting the River Murray to the present water storage dam on Select Harvest’s property to provide further water supply for their fruit crops. To achieve this, approximately four kilometres of trench work was undertaken. The trench work crossed two roads; one main highway (Murtho Road, Paringa) and the other on private property. Extensive services including water pipes, Telstra cables, main power lines and Etsa cables were avoided during the pipe laying and trenching process. Thrust blocks and air valves were installed during the process ensuring the safety and success of the project. All pipes were linked successfully to the pump shed. Any disturbed areas created through the trenching work were backfilled and compacted down for stability. These were then further filled and graded to provide the original topography prior to disturbance.

The scope of works included:

  • Survey mark-up (including identifying underground services etc.).
  • Trenching to design (ensuring pipe cover meets Australia Standards).
  • Ongoing level and grade checking of the trench floor.
  • Identifying services and trenching in accordance with avoiding them.
  • Checking floor level and ensuring to design prior to pipe laying.
  • Laying pipe in trench and surveying collar points for quality control measures.
  • Backfilling trench and compacting.
  • Further filling compacted ground.
  • Final trim grading to match the original topographical surface.
  • Installing air valves and thrust blocks (concreting) at correct locations and bends.
  • Cutting through present bitumen road (Murtho Road, Paringa).
  • Fencing removal and installation.

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