Berrimans and Carlsfield Dams

Client: Quelltaler Estate
Date: October 2018 – February 2019

Two dams at Quelltaler Estate (formally Annie’s Lane) Watervale, were reshaped and upgraded using surrounding vineyards as borrow areas for additional embankment material. The Berrimans dam was upgraded to store 350 ML, hard rock towards the floor of the dam was encountered which required rock hammering. Swales were installed to divert surface water runoff from surrounding drainage lines around the dam to restore natural surface water courses. The Carlsfield dam was upgraded to store 250ML. Earthworks included a pipe trace through the southern embankment, importing fill from the Berrimans site and a 300mm compacted clay liner.

The fleet used for this tight work space was cat 740 artics and 769 trucks with 40 tonne excavators.

A pump station at the Berrimans dam site was also constructed which included connection to suction line and existing pipeline, pump shed and slab, manifolds, pump set, filtration, electrical works and earthworks.

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