Challenger SEZ Pit

Client: Kingsgate Consolidated Limited
Date: 2016

Kingsgate Consolidated Limited awarded Exact Contracting the Challenger SEZ-Pit Project, which included complex drill and blasting operations, haulage/mining operations and rehabilitation works on the waste dump.

The scope of works included the following.

Drill and Blasting Operations:

  • Ore body shots (effectively minimising the dilution of ore including BVI designs).
  • Wall control (pre-splitting etc.) and ramp/switchback designed/implemented shots.
  • Designing and blasting wet and dry shots.
  • Designing and blasting wall flare and sump shots

Haulage/Mining Operations:

  • Benching (and double benching), top loading and box cutting.
  • Selective ore mining (flitches etc.).
  • Selective equipment mining (maximising production).
  • Design/implementation of a new ramp to the waste dump (improving cycle times).
  • Haulage to the ROM, waste dumps and tailings storage facility.

Rehabilitation and Earthmoving works:

  • Rehabilitation of the waste dump.
  • Preparation work for new tailings lift (levelling etc.).
  • Clearing waste and scrap metal yards.
  • Bunding and stockpile work.
  • Improvement and maintenance of haul roads.
  • Tip head work.
  • Clearing the rubbish tip.
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