Hill Dam

Client: Barossa Valley
Date: 2019

Exact Contracting was engaged to construct a 680 megalitre water storage dam in the Barossa Valley. The site, which was previously a vineyard, was cleared to make way for the dam.

The project involved moving approximately 250,000m3 from the dam footprint to construct the embankments. Various pipework was installed including a diversion line to replace existing irrigation lines, inlet/outlet pipes and internal pipework for drainage purposes. Two culverts were also installed, which included both overflow and storm water culverts.

The following works were undertaken:

  • Site survey and set out conducted prior to works and during construction.
  • Cut and fill materials utilised for embankment construction.
  • Pre-conditioning of material prior to placement and compaction through dozer ripping and watering.
  • Foundations and uniform fill layers were compacted to design specifications.
  • Final trimming to design utilising GPS dozer and grader.
  • Removal of existing irrigation pipeline within the dam footprint.
  • Installation of a 300 mm PVC diversion line.
  • Installation of 630 mm poly inlet/outlet pipelines, and associated in ground valves and above ground flow meter assemblies.
  • Installation of overflow culverts and headwalls, storm water culverts and headwalls, and rock lined swales.
  • Rubble roadways for site access and around dam crest.
  • Installation of HDPE liner on dam floor, upstream batters and associated drainage systems.
  • Ascon survey of completed works.

View the aerial footage of the Dam being constructed:

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