Keep River Plains Road Upgrade Stage 1 + Stage 2 Ch0 to CH26.7

Client: Department of Planning, Infrastructure and Logistics, Northern Territory
Date: 2019

The Keep River Plains Road is located approximately 55kms outside of Kununurra on the NT/WA Border. This project is a federally funded project that requires federal safety accreditation and compliance with the building code.

The scope of work involves the construction of a new 26.7 km roadway including two new bridges to be delivered in two separate stages as follows:

Stage 1 Works – from Chainage 0.0km to chainage 13.475km including a 210m long bridge over Keep River; Stage 2 Works from Chainage 13.475km to chainage 26.7km including a 69m long bridge over Sandy Creek.

The project will provide the following benefits:

  • Increased route accessibility to support the planned Project Sea Dragon and Ord Stage 3 developments
  • Improved freight capacity, through sealing of existing pavements
  • Improved flood immunity, through provision of new bridges over the Keep River and Sandy Creek
  • Increased regional productivity and economic development, through provision of year-round road access

The Works include:

  • Establishment, maintenance and demobilisation of all Site facilities
  • Liaison and coordination with Traditional Owner representatives and employment providers to maximise indigenous employment opportunities
  • Liaison and coordination with Indigenous Business Enterprise (IBE) to maximise their engagement on the project for delivery of parts of the Works
  • Coordination and management of all Conformance Testing
  • Coordination and management of all Quality Assurance documentation requirements
  • Environmental management
  • Traffic planning, management, control, operation and auditing throughout the duration of the works
  • Clearing and grubbing
  • Approxmately 600,000BCMs of Earthworks including the pushing and screening and blending of specified fill materials.
  • Pavements including the pushing and screening and blending of specified pavement materials
  • Lime Stabilisation of the embankment foundation and cement stabilisation of the pavement layers
  • Spray sealing
  • Road furniture and traffic control devices
  • Pavement marking
  • Fencing
  • Drainage works, consisting of various sizes up to 10 cell 2.1M diameter re-enforced concrete pipes’s.
  • Protection works
  • Rehabilitation
  • Test drilling at each pier and abutment location
  • Supply and installation of bored piles for piers and abutments
  • Precast construction for bridgeworks
  • Construction of Bridgeworks superstructure
  • Embankment Protection Works
  • Bridge Railing

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Department of Planning, Infrastructure and Logistics, Northern Territory