Renmark Irrigation Trust

Client: Renmark Irrigation Trust
Date: 2015

The Renmark Irrigation Trust (RIT) was established in 1893 and has evolved from open channels and steam driven pumps to a mains-powered ‘Main Pump Station’ network of rising mains extending to a 130 kilometre pipeline network throughout the Renmark Irrigation District. RIT delivers some 32 GL per annum (2012/13) of ‘pressurised’ water to 800 irrigated properties, made up of planted citrus, wine grape, stone fruit, nuts, field and other crops. The challenge for RIT at present is continuing to adapt its irrigation network and supply management systems to respond to the key drivers of climate change, the need for further irrigation water use efficiency and to support optimised irrigation scheduling.

With an evolving focus from RIT towards reliable ‘water on demand’ capability rather than historical intermittent ‘water on roster’, Exact Contracting was engaged to deliver projects funded via Round 2 of the South Australian River Murray Sustainability Program (SARMS). These projects are key components of the RIT Irrigation Modernisation Plan and included:

  • E Main Duplication – 1200 mm PN6 SN10,000 GRP pipeline, approximately 3,850 metres in length.
  • Pipeline to Northern Block X (initially 250ha additional irrigation) – 600 mm PN10 SN10,000 GRP pipeline, approximately 6,660 metres in length.
  • Booster Pump Station for Pipeline to Northern Block X – larger capacity station to increase irrigation area capability.
  • High Voltage Power Upgrade to Main River Pump Station – replacement of old high voltage infrastructure to increase power usage efficiency.
  • AR Relift Pump Station electrical upgrade – electrics and control systems modernisation to improve efficiency and reliability.
  • Telemetry and monitoring project – installation of specialised flow monitoring devices and the addition of some 810 telemetry and flow monitoring units.

Exact Contracting completed a high level financial risk assessment to advise RIT on the project requirements, which was adopted as the basis for seeking funding through the SARMS. This assessment identified and resulted in a detailed pipeline design, which was achieved by completing additional detailed surface survey information (including aerial photogrammetry), verification of existing above ground infrastructure and vegetation, and in ground services identification and potholing in conjunction with third party specialists.

Exact Contracting utilised in house survey and engineering resources to complete the compilation of aerial photogrammetry and the detailed surface and below ground features. During this data consolidation process, the pipeline alignment was adjusted to avoid conflicts where possible to mitigate the costs associated with removal, relocation and reinstatement. Additionally, a detailed hydraulic design was completed, including an air analysis for surge, burst and normal operational air release and inflow, to prevent pipeline damage and flow restrictions. This process also included the design of scour points for pipeline maintenance and draining.

The works completed in the detailed design phase by Exact Contracting enabled RIT to put forward a firm pricing proposal and enable submission for the SRAMS-3IP application, which was ultimately successful in securing the funding.

An Industry Participation Plan was developed, identifying key project areas for tendering, requests for quotation (RFQ) and request for proposal (RFP).

Exact Contracting used in house resources to complete the pipeline installation for the 1200 mm E Main Duplication Project. Exact Contracting also completed the pipeline installation for the 600mm Block X Project, which initially went to a competitive tender process; however this process did not reveal a beneficial third party solution for the project.

Exact Contracting successfully project managed the entire project from design to completion with a team of engineers, whom also coordinated day-to-day reporting and procurement requirements.

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